Saturday, February 5, 2011


As Salam,

                In memories of the week of my oh-so-fun holiday (sebenarnya cuti raya cina, tapi entah laa. Aku Kolej Islam, xde cina pn..hmm..but what the heck, right? Dah orang nk bagi suatu perkara yang baik, xkn kita nk tolak kan? hahaha) , I would like to share 'bout what I've been doing to y'all..

              So, the first thing I wanna share is 'bout my practice (er, you can call it a practice if it involves your family's there with you and there's no competitor next to you, can you? ) at the MEGALANES in Megamall Penang. Yes, you're right. ir's BOWLING! haha.. I went there with ma family but only my sister and I played. After a year since I last played, the game was quite "ok" for me 'coz I scored only 117 while my sister only scored 111 (it was a grrrreat feeling to see the looks on her face when I beat her since she just bowled a few months ago while I was a year behind) hahahaha :) .. The second game was alright with my score 137 and hers 120. All in all, it was quite a practice. Oh n fyi, I called it a practice 'coz my sister will face a competition in the next month for the distict level while I were to compete for the Klang district level. Wish me luck. wink :)

              Nevertheless, the next thing I wanna tell you is 'bout my sister's birthday celebration which my family had just celebrated a few hours ago since I had post this post. So, after a continous battle of arguments as to where to celebrate my sister's birthday (actually, ayah aku dgn adik aku je yg bergaduh. aku ngan mak aku x kesah un nk celebrate kt ne) , we've finally decided to celebrate it at Kenny Roger's Roasters. woohooo! And the meal? Well, the bill was RM111 for four person, figure out yourself.haha :) ..Now, I actually wanna tell you 'bout the gift I bought for my sister. It was nothing big ; a pocket-size, sophisticated bithday card with the cover of a cute bear holding a birthday cake and a rather simple yet stylish keychain shaped of two crescents (it's a couple keychain but what the heck) ..

so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS! semoga Allah panjangkan umurmu.....ingat semua pesan abang-abagmu! haha :)

                      Last skali, aku (opps!) Last but not least, I would like to say Ahlan Wasahlan(welcome) to my adik-adik who are going to attend to Kolej Islam Sultan Alam Shah (my school) ..From this monday onwards, you're going to be very busy with whatever the school has prepared for you. muahahah x] ..don't think that this year is your honeymoon year (berkali-kali dah aku dgr benda nie mase aku form 4. huhuhu) ..

That's all... Eh, wait! Oh and for bintang 'virgo' yang mungkin sedang membaca atau mungkin tidak membaca cerita yang tak seberapa ni.. Saya nak ucapkan terima kasih sgt2 kerana mengambil berat dan prihatin terhadap kebajikan saya dan keluarga saya.. Walaupun x bnyk pn yg dicakapkan tetapi itu dah cukup membuktikan that you really cared. Thanks again!! ^_^

Well, that's for now.. I won't be postin' again till my next holiday since I'm going back to my boarding school tomorrow..Love from me, M.A.H.M.S,

Ya Tawwab, teguhkanlah pendirianku, jadikanlah diriku pemberi petunjuk yang selalu mendapat petunjuk


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