Friday, February 4, 2011


Assalamu'alaikummussalam w.b.t ,

                     Ok, I know that the title is in Malay and you're probably wondering "ey, apa laa mamat ni, bajet gila (or gilerrww) nak tulis Bahasa Inggeris. nak cakap English pun merangkak lagi. Tak memartabatkan langsung bahasa ibunda. Eleh, action je laa!"

                    Well, excuse me for writing this in English but in case you haven't notice, YOU ARE WELCOME TO LEAVE THIS PAGE (well, that's if you don't like me or my not-so-Malay post). hehe :p ..

                  Now, back to the question or title.. >LAGU?<   so, the first thing that may came across your mind is that I'm gonna write about a song or a lyric or even news of a lyric of a song(what??!) Well, no actually. haha lol . I'm gonna be talking 'bout my overdue song which was supposed to finish a few days ago. (in case you wanna know, the song's nothing big. It's special for me though since it's the first time I've ever had the idea of writing a song)

Cantik x my guitar?  ^.^

               So, there I was, plucking and strumming my guitar, finding a note to start a song. A while later, I found some notes to start with (wOOhooOO!) . So that was half done. All I gotta do is figure out the words to put between 'em . In a nutshell, I did finish the song.......but it was too lame and mushy and lovey duvey duey (thanks to my brother for this 'awesome' word) that I finally decide to write the song again. HUH!

              I guess the song ain't gonna be finished till after my next school holiday... so just wait!

A little B&W for y'all

        oh n p/s I wrote this song(s) for personal entertainment and interest only.. not for commercial use...(woah! mcm laa pro sgt dalam bab menulis lagu nh.haha) Its just a HOBBY people..! haha

That's all.                                MAY PEACE BE UPON YOU  
Ya Tawwab, teguhkanlah pendirianku, jadikanlah diriku pemberi petunjuk yang selalu mendapat petunjuk


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